Vegan Cod Seasoning "OH MY COD"

de Guimarana


Organic Vegan Cod Seasoning. Delicious cod seasoning for any recipe, it’s allergen-free and completely vegan.

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Organic Vegan Cod Seasoning Add delicious flavor to all your recipes with this seasoning, it’s gluten-free, MSG-free, allergen-free. You can now make your favorite recipes with a savory cod flavor that is 100% plant-based. Use it to make a vegan fish and chips, fish tacos, or to season tofu with an addictive cod flavor. It’s perfect to add depth to a pasta or rice dish, add flavor to TVP or enhance the flavor of any recipe quickly and easily. Let your imagination run wild with this organic and plant-based cod flavor seasoning. Feel free to use it every day in your favorite recipes because it’s MSG-free and natural.

At Guimarana Dream Food we understand the impact the food we eat has on the environment. We are committed to combating climate change and improving animal welfare. Our products are sold in glass jars that you can reuse to store spices in your pantry or sauces in your fridge. All our ingredients are carefully selected and high-quality. Our products are made with local suppliers and manufacturers to promote proximity economy.

A healthy and sustainable diet is made possible with our vegan cod seasoning.

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