Our Story

Oscar and Luismi

We are a startup created by Luismi and Oscar, two thirty-somethings, friends since their work in an insurance company. Everything originated from the taste of tomatoes, which being the passion of Luismi, it was increasingly difficult to find tomatoes with tomato flavor and decided to remedy.

And they thought of the idea of a tomato flavored tomato

And they thought about how great it would be to have at your fingertips and without leaving home, products of all kinds but respecting the premise of quality and authentic flavor, and to make matters worse, from all over Spain

They got down to work and started with an App, which has also joined a web (all to the taste of the consumer) to put the flavors and typical products of each Autonomous Community available to the whole country

What we do?

Discover our stores

Imagine a mall, where you enter and you have several stores to buy, you choose which one (or which ones) to enter and buy. That's mentta, but online

Place your order

You choose your type of store and products, buying comfortably from home or your office, with mobile or computer, and we take care of fishing, collecting or preparing it for you!!

We prepared it for you

And of course, we'll deliver it with all the love in the world to the address you specify, saving you time and effort (your back will thank you! ;) )

At mentta we are like that, the product travels without intermediaries directly from the seller, from the field or the fish market, to your countertop

What you can find?

Simple, in our online shopping center you can find all the good stuff, if it's not the best, we don't have it. You can choose between products from specialty stores, gourmet products, markets and supermarkets, fresh produce directly from the producer, organic products, bio, and soon (very soon) neighborhood stores.

For example, you order fish and seafood on Monday, on Tuesday they buy it at the fish market, they prepare it as you prefer and on Wednesday you have it at home fresher than if you had bought it at the fishmonger. What if that day there has been bad weather and has not been out to fish? Well, indeed, from mentta they contact you and tell you, because that fish does not come from elsewhere.

But that's not a problem

But yes, all with something in common: TRUE TASTE AND HIGHEST QUALITY

Our great team

A magnificent, first class, young, dynamic and committed team What else?

Luis Miguel Gil

Director General

Oscar de los Santos

Director Técnico

Laura Moya

Att. Cliente y Contabilidad

Marta Gonzalez

Att. Cliente

Marta Arribas

Att. Cliente

Beatriz Perez-Quevedo

Dpto. Financiero

Johan Cruz Huertas

Dpto. Desarrollo

Aitor Ambite Boix

Dpto. Desarrollo

Andrea Burguete

Diseño y UX

David García

Dpto. Ventas

Silvia Gª-Miguel Higuinen

Dpto. Ventas

Rocío Antorán Dévora

Dpto. Ventas

Eduardo Sánchez

Dpto. Ventas

Pablo Refoyo

Dpto. Ventas

Diego d Arche Corchado

Dpto. Ventas

Lucas Gorriti

Dpto. Ventas

Andrea Nofuentes Diaz

Dpto. Ventas

Patricia Pérez Pérez

Dpto. Marketing