Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Very easy. Watch this video on how to make your first mentta purchase and you're done. And if not, read the following, which is very easy!.

We work with more than 400 stores throughout the peninsula and each one sends you directly their products, so:

Recommendation! Inform yourself of the shipping conditions that each producer has so that the purchase will be as cheap as possible.


Each seller has a shipping cost policy, which includes product selection, packaging and shipping directly to your home without going through any other warehouse. From mentta we want the product to arrive as fresh as possible, storing it means a loss of quality in many perishable foods.

To get cheaper shipping you have to check the shipping conditions of the producers, almost all of them offer free shipping from an amount.

  • Within the seller: Clicking on the icon of the truck
  • Viewing a product: Underneath the description

As with most home deliveries, it is not possible to specify a delivery time. We therefore recommend writing in the remarks the flat of a neighbour or if there is the possibility to leave with the porter.

Check the emails we have sent you (look also in the spam folder) because we will be updating you on the status of the shipment, from departure to arrival.
In the case of some sellers who for some reason can not provide this information, we work hand in hand with them to be informed of the status of it.

In any case, if you have placed an order and it has not arrived after the stipulated shipping time, please contact us here:

In mentta you have the option to subscribe to products such as fruit baskets, vegetable mix, organic baskets, etc .... You just have to choose the frequency and make sure you have a credit card or enough money in the wallet mentta so that we can make the charges on a recurring basis.

If for any reason you want to subscribe to our products, you can do so by clicking on the link mentta
If for any reason you want to unsubscribe, just inform us  writing us here:

and we will process it on the spot. If the order for the current subscription has already been prepared/sent, then it will be effective after the latter.

Of course

Besides because the law protects you, because we want to ensure the highest quality of service and transparency. If upon receiving the order and detect problems in the packaging, package, etc., make it clear in the delivery note of the carrier and if you can, take a picture

Contact us within 24 hours of receiving the order and we will solve the problem. Do not throw away the product, sometimes it will be necessary to send it to the producer freight collect, so that he can check the condition of the product

In our Terms of Use section we detail in more detail the cases and forms of returns. You must take into account the type of product and the reason for the return

Of course. 100%.

mentta accepts several forms of payment. By debit/credit card VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Edenred - Ticket Restaurant (on card) and Up Cheque Gourmet (on card and paper). In no case we have access to the customer's bank details as the environments are totally safe. We do not accept payment by cash on delivery

All the information about payment methods here

Orders are delivered by carriers. If you are not at home when the carrier arrives, it depends on the carrier they will either try to locate you or attempt next day delivery.

They will try to deliver the next day

In the case of fresh products or those that go cold, it is problematic for delivery to be delayed by a day, so it is very important to ensure that someone will be able to receive the order on the day of delivery

You can also indicate the address of your workplace and receive the order there or leave a comment with the address of a neighbor of the block that can receive it

In the event that the delivery has been attempted on 2 occasions on different days and the buyer cannot be contacted, the orders will be destroyed because the carrier cannot store them and in the case of fresh products it is possible that the products may have lost their properties. It is not normal, but you should be vigilant :)

If it is little, up to 50€ extra, nothing happens. In case of higher amounts, you would have to make a purchase to make “hollow” to the new balance.

No, it is not possible to create more than one account assigned to different email addresses but which correspond to the same person. In case of detecting this use (by address, card, name, name, phone etc) we would proceed to close the most recent account without being able to access any data related to this, including orders placed, wallet, ratings etc.

No, the money in the wallet is non-transferable.

No, the money in the wallet is non-transferable

For them, we are just another sales channel. Instead of opening a store on Calle Alcalá, they open it in, which is an online grocery mall.

We have the same prices as them because they increase their sales and with that difference they take out the part we earn; it is never passed on to the customer.

The sellers gain in visibility, they sell in many more places and be recognized.

This will be a bug; we mentta struggle to make sure this doesn't happen, however due to the thousands of products from the multitude of sellers (many of which are small producers where everything is done very manually), it can happen, we are human, and we thank you for letting us know."

We'd love to hear from you

This said: In manifest errors in the price, such as 0 euros or something whose usual price is, for example, 100 euros and appears 10 euros, the return of the order and / or product will be made without cost to the buyer

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