Why buy from mentta?

You save time to travel to the store in question, and to go through aisles or shelves in search of the desired product. We have everything you are looking for

You avoid carrying weight, just sit on the couch and with one click, you will have the products at your door. Your future "self" will thank you.

Products from all over Spain. You can order fresh seafood from Huelva, cheeses from La Mancha, wines with D.O. from European countries or even American desserts

To give as a gift. Because there is no better gift than one of our baskets or gourment packs, a kit of organic products or a magnificent bottle of wine.

Direct from the producer. Freshly picked, fished and caught from the fish market, or simply prepared for you by your chosen store vendor.

We deliver all over Spain. We are the only ones who reach any town and corner to bring you your most gourment, fresh and original products.

Shop from wherever you want. As we know that everyone has their own preferences, we have both web and app(for iOS and android).

Easy contact. By land, sea and air, Whatsapp, web chat, phone, messages in the app, by mail, coming to see us or with carrier pigeon.

Tell a friend and you'll win £5 each!

How can you get it

1. Have your friend download the mentta app or log in to our website.

2. When you go to register you have to tell us your email (the one you are registered with on mentta).

Caution! Be careful when writing the email, it is usually a very common mistake :). Ah! and remind him that it is not compatible with other discounts.

3. And that's it! He'll get the discount applied to him when he adds products to the cart and you can benefit from yours when he makes the first purchase.

* Please note that in order for a friend to refer you, you must have placed at least one order with us