Pollo entero (1,8 - 2 kg)

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Chicken belongs to the poultry meat group. The chicken is the young hen or rooster that is usually slaughtered between 5 and 16 weeks of age. The meat of the chicken will depend on its diet. Its meat is lean, especially if it is consumed without skin. Properties and benefits: Chicken is made up of 70% water. Its high protein content of high biological value makes it a fundamental food for children and athletes. It contains vitamin B3, making it a beneficial food for the circulatory system. Additionally, vitamin B3 or niacin can help lower cholesterol. It is also recommended to combat diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. The fat it contains is mainly oleic acid and palmitic acid. Chicken does not contain carbohydrates. Chicken meat is good for increasing serotonin levels in our body, significantly improving our mood. It is rich in phosphorus, which will give us strong teeth and bones. Helps keep blood vessels strong. It has a large amount of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene, good for maintaining good eye health. It is very easy to digest, making it a good food for people with digestive disorders. It is a very low cholesterol food if you consume it without skin. Chicken helps against osteoporosis and memory loss. Improves the functioning of the metabolism thanks to the selenium it contains. Being rich in vitamin B2, it reduces dry skin problems. Nutritional value per 150 grams: Energy 176 kcal Protein 32.7 g Fat 5.0 g Sodium 91 mg Potassium 496 mg Phosphorus 323 mg Iron 0.7 mg Conservation and tricks: In the refrigerator at a temperature below 4 degrees so that bacteria cannot appear. Recipe and uses in cooking: If you are going to cook the whole chicken, the best way is to roast it in the oven; In a small bowl, mix oil, rosemary, black pepper and the juice of one lemon. Mix well and massage the chicken well with the batter. Crush 4 garlic cloves with their skin on and add them to the baking tray where you will place the chicken. In the back of the chicken, insert a slightly opened lemon to release the juice. Bake for approximately 1 hour, half an hour on each side.

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lunes, 27 mayo 2024

Pollo muy frescos y grandes.

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