Boletus Edulis Arbolaren Azpian 180gr

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Jars of 180 grams of boletus edulis with olive oil, one hundred percent natural. Natural and wild product (therefore organic) delicatessen, healthy and wholesome

Delicatessen to give as a gift, to surprise, to thank, a delicacy at your fingertips

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Common names:

  • Pumpkin Mushroom.
  • Onto Zuri.
  • Onto Zuri
  • Onto Zuri.

The Boletus Edulis is the quality reference of the whole Boletus family. Its smooth flesh, nutty aroma and good preservation for sale make it the best-selling species of boletus.

  • Onto Zuri.
  • Onto Zuri

    Despite the fact that between the end of May and the beginning of July there is a small outbreak of this species, the time of greatest harvesting is in autumn.

    The boletus mushroom is the best-selling species of boletus

    Doubtless the most appreciated mushroom internationally for its sweet taste and light aroma of nuts. It can be classified as five forks. Very versatile, perfect for stews, rice dishes, pasta...

    It is the most appreciated mushroom in the world for its sweet taste and light aroma of nuts

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